12:00 - Asynchronous e-commerce cart with offline mode
Location: Millau Room - Technical - 11/6/23, 12:00 PM - 11/6/23, 12:30 PM (+0100) (30 minutes)

12:00 - Asynchronous e-commerce cart with offline mode
Marie Lejeune marie.lejeune@acsone.eu

Marie Lejeune has been an Odoo developer at Acsone since 2021. She actively participates in the Odoo Community Association (OCA) and had the privilege of contributing to the Shopinvader modules migration. She is also a core member of the Mozaik Association.

One of the goals of Shopinvader is to provide means to keep the web shop running while Odoo is undergoing maintenance. We achieve this by exporting the product catalog to a search index such as Elasticsearch, OpenSearch or Algolia which offer high performance search and navigation independently of Odoo. When it comes to adding products to the cart, however, Odoo normally needs to be available as it stores the carts and provides the price computation logic.

In some circumstances it is desirable to extend the area of the e-commerce web site that is available while the ERP undergoes maintenance.

In this talk we present a module and a front-end library that let customers add products to the cart even when the ERP is not online. It is based on a concept of cart transactions which record cart operations and are synchronized in the background as soon as possible. It also greatly enhances the perceived performance of the application.


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