05:00 - Create and deploy FastAPI services within Odoo [Technical]
Location: Millau Room - Technical - 11/6/23, 5:00 PM - 11/6/23, 5:30 PM (+0100) (30 minutes)

05:00 - Create and deploy FastAPI services within Odoo [Technical]
Zina Rasoamanana zina.rasoamanana@acsone.eu

I received my master in computer science in 2022 (AI, security, and networking).

Then, I started working at Acsone, and this is my second participation to the OCA days.

On Github, I am known as "AnizR".

I have contributed to some repositories: rest-framework, odoo-shopinvader, server-auth, and some others.

In an Odoo XP 2021 talk (https://www.odoo.com/fr_FR/event/odoo-experience-2021-2847/track/how-to-efficiently-create-modern-rest-apis-with-fastapi-and-odoo-4222) we demonstrated how to use the Odoo ORM in a FastAPI application.

In this presentation, we'll present the new OCA fastapi module, a groundbreaking addition to Odoo's ecosystem. This module empowers developers to seamlessly incorporate FastAPI services directly into regular Odoo modules, simplifying deployment and enhancing extensibility.

We'll share some practical tips, and best practices for leveraging the OCA FastAPI module. We'll dive into essential topics such as authentication, usage, and demonstrate how to craft elegant and robust REST APIs.


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A special thank you to our friends at Acsone for their help in the event organisation