11:00 - Defining the proper reconciliation of payment providers.
Location: Millau Room - Technical - 11/7/23, 11:00 AM - 11/7/23, 11:30 AM (+0100) (30 minutes)

Joan Sisquella Andrés is an Odoo Consultant and Software Developer at ForgeFlow. With expertise in both the technical and functional aspects of software development, Joan has contributed to numerous Odoo implementations. He has spent a significant portion of his time developing the automation of payment imports from providers and their subsequent automatic reconciliation.

In an era where financial transactions are increasingly automated, understanding the intricacies of payments through various payment providers has never been more critical. Joan will lay the foundation of how payments generally function across these providers and address the noticeable absence of any OCA module tailored to manage these specific workflows. From his experience, he will propose potential pathways for developing a standard OCA module that can meet this growing need. Join us to explore how the Odoo Community Association (OCA) can fill this evident gap and advance towards a more efficient and integrated financial ecosystem.


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