11:00 - How to organize an Odoo project as a regular Python app
Location: Millau Room - Technical - 11/6/23, 11:00 AM - 11/6/23, 11:30 AM (+0100) (30 minutes)

11:00 - How to organize an Odoo project as a regular Python app
Stéphane Bidoul CTO  at Acsone SA/NV stephane.bidoul@acsone.eu +32 2 888 31 20

Stéphane is a founding partner and CTO of ACSONE a Software Engineering company dedicated to crafting high quality solutions based on Open Source technologies. He is an elected board member of the Odoo Community Association and an active member of the Python Packaging Community.

Almost a decade ago, we started thinking that there was no fundamental reason to organize an Odoo project differently than a regular Python project.

In previous talks I explained how we solved dependency management at the individual addon level. In this talk I will give a brief update on that topic, introducing `whool` the successor of `setuptools-odoo` for packaging individual addons, based on modern Python packaging standards.

I will then focus most of the talk on an overview of the ACSONE project template and development workflow, which is based on standards-based Python tooling, so that a Python developer immediately feels at home.

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