The Odoo Community


The Odoo Community Association, OCA, is a global community of individuals represented by a voluntary elected board, working together to make Odoo mightier.

OCA membership is open to contributors, developers, programmers, functional consultants, integrators, and Odoo open source ERP users globally. Everyone who is part of OCA is participating as an independent individual, including the board, officers, committees and members. We all work  collaboratively to foster Open Source excellence in the Odoo community.

All OCA projects are composed of volunteers, and nobody (not even members or officers) is paid directly by the OCA for their work. The OCA does contract out various services, including administrative tasks, accounting, press, media relations, and infrastructure.

OCA Board

The OCA Board is made up of nine members elected by OCA delegate members.  The current board members are:

Joël Grand-Guillame (CamptoCamp) - President
Graeme Gellatly (O4SB) - Vice President

Frederik Kramer (initOS GmbH) - Treasurer
Stéphane Bidoul (Ascone)
Daniel Reis (Open Source Integrators)
Simone Orsi (CamptoCamp)
Virginie Dewulf (Coop It Easy)
Benoit Guillot (Akretion)
Enric Tobella (Creu Blanca)

Board elections are held at the annual AGA.

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