09:30 - Beyond Odoo Development Essentials
Location: Millau Room - Technical - 11/7/23, 9:30 AM - 11/7/23, 10:00 AM (+0100) (30 minutes)

09:30 - Beyond Odoo Development Essentials
Daniel Reis Managing Partner  at ClosingAp Open Source Integrators Europe, LDA https://essentials.odoo.com dreis@opensourceintegrators.com +351 919 991 307

Daniel Reis is Board Member at the OCA and Managing Director for Europe, at Open Source Integrators. He has been working with Odoo since OpenERP 6.0 and has been a contributor to the community since the beginning of the association, when the code was still hosted in Launchpad.

Daniel is the author of several Odoo books, including the Odoo Development Essentials titles.

Sharing some ideas on how to go beyond the Odoo development basics, peeking at my personal development setup, and time to ask me anything.


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