What is the Odoo Community Association?


The Odoo Community Association, OCA, is a membership based organization, established in 2013 to promote and support collaborative Odoo ERP solutions and to foster open source excellence. We make Odoo mightier, together.

The OCA brings people from around the world together to create reliable, high quality Odoo apps and modules that are easily accessible. We provide frameworks that to rigorously test every OCA app so it works and is more secure. We help members to improve programming skills through teamwork, code-sprints, and community forums, and support you to connect with peers from across the globe to build your reputation and your personal and professional relationships. 

OCA is an independent legal non-profit entity. This lets members and non-members contribute open source code, funding, and other resources with the knowledge that your contributions will be maintained for public benefit. All OCA projects are freely available and usable under an OSI-certified Open Source license.

As a non-profit entity, the association and has no shareholders. The OCA is managed collectively by a board of directors who are elected by delegate members.


Establish and support an Open Source and collaborative community for the development and promotion of the Odoo features and modules.

OCA Goals & Objectives 


  • Enable and promote the collaborative software development of Odoo open source ERP

  • Encourage the development of Odoo and its features while coordinating and organizing the collaborative work on the software 

  • Assist the community while defending its interests and the sustainability of its developments 

  • Promote the use of the Odoo solution 

  • Facilitate synergies, collaborations, and fund raising efforts 

  • Actively collaborate on the definition of the roadmaps of new versions of the tool and their implementation 


  • To ensure a high degree of quality in the OCA’s projects in order to build and preserve the association brand.

  • To ensure the long term support and maintenance of the OCA’s projects and developments.

  • To provide resources for the OCA’s projects - e.g. infrastructure, CLA, funding, legal.

  • To encourage the implementation of open standards and standards-based interoperability in the OCA’s projects.

  • To support the worldwide use and contribution to the OCA’s projects from the community via the internationalization of the software and community outreach.

  • To represent the Community’s opinion regarding the Odoo SA roadmap, marketing and development strategies.

  • To promote the use of Open Source software in the industry - e.g. training, outreach.

  • To organize members meetings to improve the collaboration and the knowledge of the OCA’s projects.

What is Odoo ERP?

Odoo is a suite of business management software tools.  The Odoo ERP toolbox includes operations, manufacturing, CRM, e-commerce, accounting, billing, warehouse, project management, and inventory management and more. As an open source platform, Odoo Community apps add work seamlessly with Odoo Enterprise, adding customization and flexible options for Odoo users.  The Community version is a libre software, licensed under the GNU LGPLv3.