04:30 - Odoo DevOps with Kubernetes
Location: Millau Room - Technical - 11/6/23, 4:30 PM - 11/6/23, 5:00 PM (+0100) (30 minutes)

04:30 - Odoo DevOps with Kubernetes
Adrien Peiffer adrien.peiffer@acsone.eu +32 497 27 59 47

Adrien is an experienced IT professional who has held the position of Project & Technical Lead at Acsone SA/NV since March 2022, after a first stint a few years ago. Passionate about technology, programming, systems administration and devops practices, he has had the opportunity to discover several totally different ecosystems.

Deploying Odoo in Kubernetes enables us to offer our customers a portable and scalable solution that ensures high availability in a varied and sometimes complex application ecosystem, depending on the customer. On top of this, the declarative aspect of the solution enables our teams to work more efficiently with complete autonomy in their namespaces, without depending on system administrators who take care of overall cluster maintenance.

During this presentation, we will explain the reasons why Kubernetes is an effective solution in our context, introduce the architecture we have implemented, and the various components that make it possible to set up a simple and efficient devops solution.

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