05:15 - Odoo Karma - Live Analysis and Rating of Records in Odoo
Location: Kintaikyo Room - Functional - 11/6/23, 5:15 PM - 11/6/23, 6:00 PM (+0100) (45 minutes)

Quentin Lavallée-Bourdeau and Julien Jézéquel

Quentin Lavallée-Bourdeau

Business Analyst with 7+ years working on IT projects on Odoo.

Julien Jézéquel

Business Analyst with 10+ years working on IT projects and 6+ years on Odoo.

Karma is a set of modules that allow to :

- Configure a set of rules and associate rules with rating

- Calculate rates / grades of records

- Giving live feedback to the end users on the quality of the data, so that he can take actions (prioritizations) and differentiate the treatment of operations according to the grade of the record being worked on.

Examples of use :

- Have a rating on your crm lead to focus on the ones with the best grades

- Rate your client to focus on serving best the one with the best rating

- Rate a task to focus on task with the best rating

- Give live feedback to your employee on their objectives

The solution was presented a few years ago. It has not evolved since. The idea is to propose a presentation, see if there are interests to work on it and evolve it, and present the roadmap.

It is now released and ready for common roadmap or OCA integration, should there be interest.


Roadmap :

Allow a new type to display a header message or blocking exception conditionally and dynamically following a set of rules on any object, allowing to give direct feedback on needed actions to the end user on the system.

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