01:30 - Adhoc Power Meter - How to measure if you are really helping your costumer evolve (45mins)
Functional Presentation
Location: Kintaikyo Room - Functional - 11/7/23, 1:30 PM - 11/7/23, 2:15 PM (+0100) (45 minutes)

Gonzalo Ruzafa and María Florencia Frigieri Parma
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Gonzalo Ruzafa

I am an industrial engineer, CEO and co-founder of Adhoc. I like to solve problems in a sustainable way.

María Florencia Frigieri Parma.jpg

Maria Florencia Frigieri Parma


In the search of approaching the Customer Success as a philosophy, we are introducing the Adhoc Power Meter (aka APM), an indicator consumed via API from costumers database that analyzes the current use of Odoo.

Are clients using purchase orders?

Do they message each other using Odoo?

Do they track opportunities by the CRM?

Are they getting logged in the ERP daily?

Among others

The final goal is to understand how we are transforming the client business and to direct improvements, suggestions or actions in order to improve their operation and results.

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