11:30 - Manage shipments
Location: Kintaikyo Room - Functional - 11/7/23, 11:30 AM - 11/7/23, 12:00 PM (+0100) (30 minutes)

11:30 - Manage shipments
Jacques-Etienne Baudoux je@bcim.be +32472180032

Jacques-Etienne Baudoux (BCIM) is an Odoo freelance expert who has been working on many successful Odoo projects in Europe since 2007.

He is working with Camptocamp, since 2010, on complex logistics projects for wholesalers and retailers.

He is a major contributor in the architecture & design of the Odoo logistics & WMS stack available on OCA.

Manage shipments
How we build an awesome logistics solution for wholesalers and retailers - part 3.

Plan the incoming and outgoing trucks. Load the deliveries in the trucks. Generate & print transport documents.
Unload incoming trucks. Process reception with shopfloor.
Purchase respecting truck / container constraints and optimize capacity.

Discover the shipment advice, the truck loading in Odoo & shopfloor, receive goods in shopfloor.


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