03:15 - CO2 emissions – Track them all seamlessly using Odoo Accounting (1hr)
Location: Kintaikyo Room - Functional - 11/7/23, 3:15 PM - 11/7/23, 4:15 PM (+0100) (1 hour)

03:15 - CO2 emissions – Track them all seamlessly using Odoo Accounting (1hr)
Benoît Chambourdon bch@open-net.ch +41 79 514 10 78

Mr. Benoît Chambourdon holds a Master degree in Information Systems and have an extensive work experience, from financial software in house ERP's developments and project management to business intelligence.

Concerned with our common future, he is leading the Open Net open source project to integrate CO2 accounting in Odoo.

Discover our open source CO2 tracking module, seamlessly integrated with Odoo! We offer an innovative solution enabling organisations to accurately assess their carbon footprint, while adopting sustainable practices for responsible resource management to fight climate change. Thanks to our module, users will benefit from a detailed overview of their greenhouse gas emissions, as well as real-time dashboards and analysis reports to make informed strategic decisions.

This presentation will highlight the key features of our CO2 tracking module for Odoo, including automation of data collection, seamless integration with existing Odoo processes, and customization according to each company's specific needs. We'll highlight the importance of a pro-active approach to sustainability, and explain how our module helps organizations comply with current environmental regulations.

For participants, our presentation will provide a clear understanding of the benefits of integrating our CO2 tracking module into Odoo. They will discover how to optimize their operations while reducing their carbon footprint, thereby contributing to a positive brand image and stakeholder satisfaction.

This presentation is aimed at developers who want to fasten the CO2 reduction process in the Odoo ecosystem but also at company directors, operations managers, sustainability specialists, decision-makers and all those interested in environmental management and operational efficiency, including of course all Odoo partners who will be able to propose this module to their customers. Whatever their size or sector, organizations can take advantage of our open source CO2 tracking module for Odoo to become agents of change in sustainability, aligning their business objectives with environmentally-friendly practices.

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