03:30 - Functional Workshop: Define OCA modules set to use
Functional Workshop
Location: Codesprint Area - 11/6/23, 3:30 PM - 11/6/23, 4:30 PM (+0100) (1 hour)

I discovered Odoo some years ago, with OpenERP 6.1. First as a developper, and then as a Business analyst. In my daily tasks I'm using a lot of OCA modules, always trying to suggest some to answer to customer needs, but as a "functional" person, this is not always easy to contribute to this great association. I hope this workshop will help to progress on this way!

This is not a talk, it's a workshop!

Today we have a lot of OCA modules, splitted by repositories, and it's not always easy to find which module can help in some context/issues with a customer without diving in each one.

The idea of this workshop is to try to find a way to build some "set" or "bundle" to help functional people to have a "must have" list for modules to install/use in various context.

Example: "Base set", "French accounting set", "Food market set", etc....

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A special thank you to our friends at Acsone for their help in the event organisation