Event OCA Days 2022 - Liège starts on October 10, 2022 at 8:30:00 AM +0200
Revisiting How To Deliver to Customers while Contributing to the OCA
10/10/22, 10:30 AM - 10/10/22, 11:00 AM (+0200) (30 minutes)

Daniel Reis is Board Member at the OCA and Managing Director for Europe, at Open Source Integrators.

Daniel brings years of experience building integrated Enterprise Systems for large multi-national companies. Daniel is the author of several Odoo books, including the Odoo Development Essentials titles.

Delivering solutions to your customers can be at odds with contributing those pieces of code to the OCA. Reasons for this include projects requiring faster review cycles than the OCA or new features needing discovery.

Last year's presentation proposed a way to work on your projects at the same time as OCA contributions are made. This presentation will propose other options that could be easier to adopt by development teams, and discuss the pros and cons for them.