Why Continuous Integration Is Essential for an Odoo DevOps Organization

Proposed by Ben Sher

One of Odoo's greatest strengths is the flexibility and speed with which Odoo administrators can release new features.

Open Source Integrators Manager of Enterprise Managed Services Ben Sher will show in this presentation how releases on Odoo (like any customizable software) still need to be tested for defects and development teams need to make sure the code covers the requirements.

Ben will demonstrate usage of continuous integration processes, including Selenium, for coverage testing to guide presentation attendees to take full advantage of Odoo's awesome framework for rapid development and quick roll out in a DevOps environment.

About The Speaker

Ben Sher is the Manager of Enterprise Managed Services at Open Source Integrators. Ben manages cloud administration services, cybersecurity, DevOps and helpdesk support at OSI.

Open Source Integrators, Ben Sher

Ben Sher

Practical Info

28/10/2021 16:35 (Europe/Brussels)
30 minutes
Track 2