Odoo for NGO's
Functional Presentation Strategic
Location: Track 1 - (30 minutes)

Odoo for NGO's
Michael Karrer michaelkarrer81@gmail.com +43 660 6610997

Michael has been working with Odoo since TinyErp. Programmed 100+ addons for Odoo to make it work as a "Donation Shop" for NGO's like CARE, Global2000 and alike. Python and open source lover.

Overview what we done to Odoo in the past five years to make it work for NGO's Basic introduction to the very specific demands of NGO's vs. regular companies.

Deep dive into the most important adaptions like free donation amount, one-page-checkout, templates, donation buttons, donation goals and alike, form generator to quickly generate frontend forms for any Odoo model including frontend validation based on qweb, e-mail tool based on qweb.