WMS & Supply chain using OCA Module

Proposed by Joël Grand Guillaume

The world of Logistics is big and there are a lot of challenges in implementing a software to support those processes. Since the very beginning, Odoo has always approached it in a very nice and innovative manner. During the recent years, big steps forward have been made and Odoo began to be a real challenger to other solutions in this area.

This talk is made for people experienced in Logistics eager to know how far Odoo can go. We expect the audience to know about Odoo Logistics engine, understand concepts and flows implemented in the core. During this talk we will get an overview of more advanced features to handle more complex warehouses setup using the Open Source OCA WMS, Logistics & Procurement modules.

About The Speaker

Practical Info

16/10/2020 11:30 (Europe/Brussels)
1 hour 30 minutes
Track 1