Tips & tricks for daily work in OCA: migrating a module, reviewing PRs and AMA

Proposed by Pedro M. Baeza

Being one of the most active contributors involved in OCA, I will try to summarize some techniques for keeping up the work with OCA repositories, being effective on them.

It will also serve as a guide for how to contribute for beginners, although some pre-knowledge is required: git, GitHub, Python, Odoo ORM.

There will be a live module migration to version 13, a PR review, and AMA (ask me anything) session afterwards.

About The Speaker

Pedro is a co-owner and CTO of Tecnativa. Having been extremely actively involved in the OCA for many years he brings a wealth of knowledge  and experience in many areas of the community that newbies and experts alike will find value in.

Tecnativa. S. L., Pedro M. Baeza

Pedro M. Baeza

Practical Info

15/10/2020 11:30 (Europe/Brussels)
2 hours
Track 1