Tips & tricks for daily work in OCA: migrating a module, reviewing PRs and AMA
Technical Training
Location: Track 1 - 10/15/20, 11:30 AM - 10/15/20, 1:30 PM (+0200) (2 hours)

Pedro is a co-owner and CTO of Tecnativa. Having been extremely actively involved in the OCA for many years he brings a wealth of knowledge  and experience in many areas of the community that newbies and experts alike will find value in.

Being one of the most active contributors involved in OCA, I will try to summarize some techniques for keeping up the work with OCA repositories, being effective on them.

It will also serve as a guide for how to contribute for beginners, although some pre-knowledge is required: git, GitHub, Python, Odoo ORM.

There will be a live module migration to version 13, a PR review, and AMA (ask me anything) session afterwards.