OCA Newsletter #2, 2023
New logo, Rebecca's interview and OCA Days preparation...


New OCA Logo

The new OCA Logo Workgroup (made up of OCA enthusiasts who responded to a call put out in late 2022 for people to join the group - Julien Jezequel, Kévin Roche, Thibault Rey, Virginie Dewulf and Rebecca Gellatly) have met a number of times already this year with the most notable meeting being at the end of March.

In previous meetings we quickly realised to be able to pitch the logo correctly to our Graphic Design team we would require a bit of assistance. Samuel Desquin from Lemonside was brought on board to help create this strategic direction.

You can find out more here...

What's new with Open Upgrade?

This topic is a hard one and is super strategic for our OCA members. Last year, the board decided to move from an RFQ for migrating the odoo-community.org database to another funding model, which is yet to be decided upon and experimented. The board members are currently discussing this hot topic with some of the OpenUpgrade contributors.

At this stage, the next step will likely be the launch of an RFQ for a project manager (or program manager, title still to be defined) whose job would be to bootstrap the "business model" of OpenUpgrade in the long run. We'll share more about this over the summer.

XVI Spanish OCA Days

Enric Tobella Alomar from Creu Blanca attended the XVI Spanish OCA Days, here is his retrospective.

Held in Valencia over the 5-9th June, the XVI Spanish OCA Days, showcased the immense potential of the Odoo community, captivating attendees with its two distinct parts.

The event kicked off with a three-day code sprint for all the attendees, who split according to their own interests. Together, participants worked towards enhancing OCA and Odoo modules and making impactful contributions to the open-source ecosystem.

The second part of the event featured two days of amazing workshops and enlightening talks providing valuable insights of the Odoo world.

The success of the Spanish OCA Days can be attributed to OCA Silver Sponsor AEODOO (Spanish Association of Odoo) and Punt Sistemas who dedicated their knowledge and enthusiasm to make the event truly remarkable. This collective effort resulted in a rich and rewarding experience for all attendees, enabling them to expand their networks, gain valuable insights, and foster a deeper understanding of open-source technologies.



MIS Builder

Do you want to know more about this extremely useful tool? In one of our most popular YouTube videos to date Stéphane Bidoul - CTO at Acsone and OCA Board member shares more about MIS Builder.

MIS Builder lets users build Management Information Systems dashboards. Such style of reports presents KPI in rows and time periods in columns.

Reports mainly fetch data from account moves, but can also combine data coming from arbitrary Odoo models. Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel and they can be added to Odoo dashboards.

This talk presents features such as budgeting by GL account, sub-reports, support for analytic tags, analytic filtering in columns.



OCA Chatter


Virginie Dewulf caught up with Rebecca Gellatly, the OCA General Secretary.
Read a highlight for their chat below.

What's the thing you prefer about the OCA community?

The OCA community is what I enjoy most about the Association. It is the people. I am not a techie (I understand quite a bit and ask lots of questions) but I am a people person.

I love that on any given day I am dealing with contacts and members around the globe. I get so much from building the relationships I personally have with people in the community but also in connecting people and trying to help strengthen and add benefit to others’ relationships.

The OCA Days, when everyone comes together is always a highlight, whether online or in person, everyone is there to grow and encourage each other - it really is pretty special. Whatever our skill sets, the community is diverse and we find a way to try to accommodate everyone.

OCA Days 2023
6-7 November 
Liège, Belgium

Are you keen to be involved in the organisation?
We have two workgroups that need some assistance.

* Codesprint workgroup we'd would love to make this a really great experience for our coders, but we need your help. Join here.

* Overall OCA Days workgroup - this year our General Secretary Rebecca won't be attending so we will need more hands to help. Are you keen to get in on the planning of the event and helping over the days? Join here.

We are already at 40% capacity with registrations for the event.

Did you know it is the same price to become a member and register for the OCA Days as it is to register for just the non-member ticket?

You can still become a 2023 member and then just book your member registration for the OCA Days.


Call for Speakers

Have you got a cool module to share, an update, a tutorial? It is time to send in your talk proposals for OCA Days 2023.

This year, we'll also host a functional track as well as our standard track. We would like to promote some topics and encourage experts to propose their talks to help functional  participants feel more integrated into the OCA.

Functional Survey

This year we are really wanting to encourage the functional people of our community to attend and share in this time together.

We've found over the years that we have limited functionals (Business analysts, Project Managers, etc....) joining the OCA Days. In order to make the OCA Days more attractive and increase the involvement from functional people, we are thinking of opening a specific 'functional room' this year during the OCA Days (6 and 7th November 2023).

This new room will be dedicated to hosting functional talks, group discussions and review tables. In order to measure the interest of functionals for this new project and collect some ideas and requests (talk proposals...), could you please complete the following survey? It will be extremely helpful.

Take the Functional Survey

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OCA Newsletter #2, 2023
Open for Small Business, Rebecca Gellatly 30 June, 2023
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Interview with the OCA General Secretary