Event Funding, Security Issues, Crowdfunding, Code Sprints and OCA Logos
March issue of the OCA Newsletter

Events Funding, Security Issues, Crowdfunding, Code Sprints and OCA Logos

March issue of the OCA Newsletter

Funding for Events

Thanks to our generous sponsors, Aleph Objects and Onestein, the OCA would like to financially sponsor the organization of local events or/and your participation to trade shows and conferences. 

If you are hesitating or still wondering how to get started, please contact us and we will walk you through the different steps. 

Security Issues

If you discover a security issue within the OCA source code, you can now report it privately to security@odoo-community.org and thank Colin Newell from OpusVL for this initiative. As any issue, make sure to provide few basic information: impacted version, scope, steps to exploit, workaround if any. 

Based on the scope, the issue will be dispatched and taken care of by the appropriate PSC members. For instance, a number of vulnerable uses of Python's eval() built-in function where signalled by Colin, and fixed by the security team in the 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 branches of the OCA projects.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo text and image block

Crowdfunding & Code Sprints

The OCA recently published a tutorial to organize a successful crowdfunding campaign with few tips and tricks. Feel free to take inspiration from there and share your feedbacks with us at news@odoo-community.org.

Spanish Localization PSC leader, Pedro M. Baeza, has already made a very successful crowfunding campaign across Spanish companies for migrating the whole localization + common useful OCA modules to version 9, raising 36.000 € in only a month for this purpose. This is a work to be done in the next 4 months, and as the target is more than only localization modules, everyone at OCA will enjoy the results of it.

The OCA is currently raising funds for the Sorrento Code Sprint to extend financial reports on Odoo 9. We received ~300 € so far and can cover ~600 € in expenses. We also have 7 sprinters ready to work exclusively on:

  • Providing Community financial reports in PDF, 

  • Bringing back the fiscal year concept 

  • Electronic payment

If more people join, we will be able to go even further. Here are extra ideas:

  • SEPA electronic payment (multi-version, multi-currency, payment grouping by supplier to limit bank fees)

  • Community financial reports exportable to MS Excel

  • Port of valuable v8 accounting existing modules

These topics will be discussed in Sorrento. Developpements will be also tested by real accountants. This is a great opportunity to add very important functionalities to Odoo 9 Accounting! We have the ideas, we have a unique mix of technical and financial skills there! Please help us making this sprint a huge success!

How to contribute?

This is a question we often get asked. There are many different ways to contribute to the OCA based on your skills. If you are a business analyst, project manager or power user, you can:
If you are a Python programmer, Web developer or Graphic Designer, you can:
If you are a System Administrator with experience in packaging, please contact us. We need your help to automate Odoo deployments!

OCA Logos

Branding is important for credibility and people start to trust everything stamped with the OCA logo. To provide a better understanding and ease the recognition of the OCA brand, we decided to provided this serie of logos. Please use them according to your level of commitment and replace the OCA logo if you are currently use it. Although you can use them anywhere you want, we ask you not to modify them. Click on the logo to download it in svg format for printed materials.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

For anyone who signed the CLA

Show your support to the OCA and its mission by using this logo on your profile, resume, personal website or email signature.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

For anyone who purchased the 2016 membership

Yes, you gave 50€ to support the OCA and its operations. This logo is your way to tell everyone.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

For anyone who votes during the AGA

You are part of the OCA decision-making body. You have a vote and you are the OCA voice. This logo is for you.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

For Local Communities and Localization Projects

Show your affiliation to the OCA by using this logo on your local website or community page.

Features Highlights

On Version 9

Logistics: stock_available

The module stock_available was ported to v9. This module proposes several options to compute the quantity available to promise for each product. This quantity is based on the projected stock and, depending on the configuration, it can account for various data such as sales quotations or immediate production capacity.

Apps Github

Web: web_easy_switch_company

Nicolas Jeudy from Sudokeys has migrated to v9 the excellent module for switching easily between all your instance companies.

Apps Github

Partner Contact: partner_firstname

Yannick Vaucher from Camptocamp has migrated the module for having name and surname in the contact to the newest Odoo version.

Apps Github

Project: project_task_default_stage

Incaser has added the version 8 feature that is missing in standard, which allows to set default stages for new projects, but without avoiding the later customization.

Apps Github

Server Tools: base_suspend_security

This technical module for allowing to make operations like using sudo, but without losing the real user that is making the operation. This is useful for the associated records that are created, like the chatter notifications. The migration has been done by Adrien Peiffer from ACSONE.

Apps Github

On Version 8

Web: web_widget_mail_send_odoo

The company initOS has contributed with a new widget for Email fields to open the internal Email wizard to write messages. The message you sent gets appended to the chatter as if you were using the internal mail functions of Odoo.

Apps Github

Web: web_search_datetime_completion

Thanks to Holger Brunn from Therp, we can auto-complete your search when dealing with datetime fields. By default, you can filter out with the criteria <= 23:59:59, but you can also define othe custom filters.

Apps Github

Web: web_advanced_search_wildcard

The people from initOS also brings us another facility for our web client UI: we have another operator called "matches" in the advanced search for making exact searches, like searching for the beginning of a string.

Apps Github

E-commerce: website_product_share

Andhitia Rama from Jakarta has started to collaborate with OCA with interesting modules like this one, that allows to have a share button in all product pages of Odoo e-commerce.

Apps Github

Server tools: user_ldap_push

We have in Odoo thanks to an OCA module the possibility of using users defined by an LDAP server, but now thanks to Holger Brunn from Therp we can also synchronize the users created in Odoo to our LDAP server.

Apps Github

Spanish localization: Some improvements

Thanks to Pedro M. Baeza and Comunitea, we have several improvements over existing features:

  • Speed improvement in AEAT model 349
  • Account balance reporting by account levels.


Point of sale: pos_customer_required

Jos de Graeve from Apertoso has developed a module that makes mandatory the customer on th point of sale operation .

Apps Github

Server tools: auth_brute_force

Prevent brute force attacks with this utility from Sylvain Le Gal from GRAP.

Apps Github

Social: website_mail_snippet_bg_color

Yajo has made for Antiun this utility for allowing to change the background color in the snippets provided for composing mails.

Apps Github

Commission: sale_commission_formula

Davide Corio from Abstract and Nicola Malcontenti from Agile BG has developed and module for calculating the commission amount via a formula. Very useful in case of non linear commission computations.

Apps Github

Sale workflow: sale_order_lot_selection

This module from Agile BG allows to select an order lot when creating the sales order, so that you can reserve it automatically at order confirmation.

Apps Github

Social: mail_mandrill

Thanks to Antonio Espinosa from Antiun, we can log the events from Mandrill mail server for having a full control if we use this tool for sending the emails.

Apps Github

Event: event_registration_cancel_reason

Add a reason for your registration cancellation thanks to this module from Pedro M. Baeza.

Apps Github

Project: project_issue_code

And more contributed modules from Jakarta. This time from Michael Viriyananda, bringing us a little but handy module to have each project issue coded with a reference number.

Apps Github

Server tools: save_translation_file

Sylvain Calador from Akretion has written an utility for developers for easing the translation process.

Apps Github

Manufacture: mrp_production_estimated_cost

This is the last of the biggest modules developed by the OdooMRP team, and helped by Antiun & Pedro M. Baeza, which completes a milestone to make Odoo a full-feature manufacturing system. It serves for estimating the costs in manufacturing orders, so that you can use it in your quotations, for comparing deviations with the real ones...

Apps Github

Social: mail_follower_custom_notification

Therp brings us another customization for filtering out which notifications we (or any of the followers) want to receive per object.

Apps Github

Bank payment: Group payment lines

Alexis de Latre from Akretion started a great improvement over this suite of modules, that Pedro M. Baeza finishes. The main change is the possibility of grouping several payment lines in one bank line, with the benefits this brings.

PR Github 1 PR Github 2

Association: website_membership_contact_visibility

Michael Viriyananda has made this module for selecting the visibility of the members of an association.

Apps Github

Web: web_widget_digitized_signature

With this module from Serpent CS, Mohamed Magdy and Agile BG, you can insert a widget in your form to allow to make a digitized signature.

Apps Github

Partner-contact: base_location_nuts

Antonio Espinosa and Jairo Llopis from Antiun have enable the possibility of usin the NUTS European territorial classification.

Apps Github

CRM: crm_deduplicate_acl

Jairo Llopis from Antiun brings us the possibility of deduplicate contacts without the need of belonging to the Configuration securiry group.

Apps Github

CRM: crm_phonecall_summary_predefined

And Jairo also contributed with this module for quickly filling the summary of a phone call.

Apps Github

Runbot: runbot_gitlab >= 8.1 support

Holger Brunn has updated the module for handling Gitlab repos in Runbot for allowing to use versions greater than 8.1.

Github PR

On Version 7

Management System: mgmtsystem_information_security

Savoir-faire Linux brings us another module from their suite for the management system, this time for the management of an ISMS (Information Security Management System).

Apps Github

Account invoicing: account_invoice_currency_rate

Benoit Guillot from Akretion contributed with a module for specifying a currency rate at invoice level different from the computed one, interesting for operations where a fixed rate has been negotiated or for direct input when you don't maintain the currencies rates updated.

Apps Github

Events and Local Communities

Future Events

March 12th - Meetup in Shanghai, China

The objective of this first meetup is to gather the local Shanghainese community to work on the Chinese localization and its missing features in Odoo.

More info

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

March 16th - Meetup in Toronto, Canada

This meetup will provide a return of experience from an Odoo implementation project in a distribution company (fruits and vegetables). It will allow us to discuss different business areas like sales, purchases, stock, accounting and topics like landed costs, cost accounting, traceability.

The discussion will also allow us to discover each other, to share our knowledge and experiences, to explain our expectations toward the group and the meetups and to plan the next ones.

More info

April 2nd - 17th Days of Free Software in Lyon, France

The OCA will have a booth and a conference at the 17th Days of Free Software in Lyon, France from April 2nd to 3rd, 2016. Come and meet Sébastien Beau, OCA Board Member from Akretion, to discover Odoo, its features and its community.

More info

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

April 15th - PyCon Sette in Florence, Italy

PyCon Italia is the national conference where professionals, researchers and lovers of the most beautiful programming language, gather together.

In the wonderful frame of Florence, PyCon is a weekend to learn, meet and discover.

During Friday, a PyBusiness track will host several Odoo talks, presented by members of the Odoo Community.

More info

April 26th - Code Sprint in Sorrento, Italy

Organized by Abstract Technology, the Code Sprint will take place in Sorrento, Italy from April 26th to 29th, 2016 and is aimed at those who are passionate about Odoo. It is the best way to get in touch with the Odoo community and it is free.

The Accounting PSC will take this opportunity to work on the financial reports for version 9 during this sprint.

More info

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

October 2nd - Code Sprint in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

If you missed it last year, here is your chance: The OCA will organize a 3-days code sprint before the 2016 Odoo Experience. Location in Louvain-la-Neuve is not determined yet, but you can already book your dates to live the most exciting week in the Odoo Community.

More info

Heartbeat & Activities

New Contributors, PSC and PSC Members

In February, 46 Github contributors (including 5 new ones) made 286 commits while 152 Transifex collaborators translated 12,800 terms. Runbot was used 1586 times and the 1098 OCA modules were downloaded 218,613 times. 

New contributors

From Belgium

From Cuba

From Indonesia

From the Netherlands

From the Russian Federation

From Switzerland

New PSC and PSC Members

Turkish Localization

Ahmet Altinisik from Altinkaya Enclosures For Electronics has started the Turkish localization project.

Mailing List  More info

Board Announcements

2016 OCA General Assembly

As 2015 OCA Members have received their invoice to renew their membership, anyone can be an 2016 OCA Member now. This is the first important step on our way to the OCA Annual General Assembly. It will be held on line and finish during the first week of June. We encourage anyone to purchase or renew their membership sooner than later as we will call for Delegate candidates next month.

Legal Documents

Bylaws & CLA are available in rst format on Github, so you can suggest changes easily. Changes will be submitted to a vote of the Delegates during the next Annual General Assembly before being merged and becoming effective.

Marketing materials

Marketing materials, namely the functional and technical brochures, will be available for translation and use around the end of March. If you are interested or would like to help translate them, please contact us at events@odoo-community.org.

About the OCA

OCA, the Odoo Community Association, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.

Contact information: news@odoo-community.org

Event Funding, Security Issues, Crowdfunding, Code Sprints and OCA Logos
Open Source Integrators, Maxime Chambreuil 9 March, 2016
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