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OCA: Experiencia, Gestión, Funcionamiento

OCA: Experiencia, Gestión, Funcionamiento
Discover GraphQL with Python, Graphene and Odoo
GraphQL is the hottest new technology for building APIs, sometimes touted as a better REST. This practical talk aims at explaining what GraphQL is and how it can help expose an elegant and flexible API for advanced business applications in record time. Real code examples will be shown, based on the Graphene library and Odoo Community. A short comparison of GraphQL with other familiar "RPC" technologies such as SOAP and REST will be provided, as well as a discussion of strengths, weaknesses and potential pitfalls.

Talk structure:
- GraphQL, a short introduction
- Demonstration, code examples using OCA module graphql_base
- How GraphQL relates to other technologies, such as REST and SOAP: benefits, weaknesses,potential pitfalls.
How to contribute to the OCA
Step by step process to onboard new OCA contributors
2019 Odoo Experience Presentation
Presentation of the OCA running on the booth at Odoo Experience 2019