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How to display correctly images in Odoo manifest file

Groupement Régional Alimentaire de Proximité, Sylvain LE GAL
- 27/11/2016 17:18:44
Hi all,

I'd like to have your point of view about image displays via odoo manifest file. (readme file).
For me, making promotion of modules it's a very important point for the OCA and images are very good to understand very quickly, how a module works, and which features are added.
Another point is that writing index.html file for each module is a mess, that requires a lot of time. (Odoo SA solution) and very few modules in OCA has an html description. (this point is not required for the time being)

I do not understand how to write the path of the image to make it displayed correctly in all supports. (that are : github, odoo apps website, odoo-code-search website and 'local modules' in odoo itself).
The OCA template is not very explicit on that point (line 26), but maybe I missed something.

So, there are a lot of bad displays in the OCA modules. Sample

I so made a little google sheet that sumup which path syntaxes work. (please correct me if you think that I'm wrong on a point ...)

It seems that there is no ideal solution for the time being.
We should select a github compatible solution, but none works with odoo apps and odoo-code-search.

I propose you #1 syntax because it's the most natural and logical. (simple relative path).
Alternatively, we can select #5 that works in 'local module' menu too.

But in any case, we should contact Odoo SA about display in odoo apps. (and odoo code search developer)

What do you think ?

kind regards.

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