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OCA Newsletter: Accounting, Version 9, MRP, Mailing Lists and more...

Open Source Integrators, Maxime Chambreuil
- 06/11/2015 15:16:43

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Accounting, Version 9, MRP, Mailing Lists and more...

November issue of the OCA Newsletter

General updates

Dedicated mailing lists
The OCA now provides dedicated public mailing lists. Participating in the discussion and providing your opinion and feedbacks is a very valuable contribution and an easy one to start with. Please subscribe to the ones of your interests:

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Onestein, 2015 OCA Platinum Sponsor

New contribution pages
The OCA has reviewed its onboarding processes and provided documentation on how to get involved. The OCA is welcoming new contributors to help us:

  • request new features
  • code/migrate/fix a module
  • review a contribution and its documentation (README.rst file)
  • translate a module in your language
  • report bugs and help us get them fixed
  • support end users and anwer their questions
  • talk about Odoo and promote its widespread use
  • write great content and spread the word

More info:


The OCA Board has published few tips to organize a sprint. We hope you will find great information to organize yours. Do not hesitate to share feedbacks to improve everyone's experience during future sprints.

More info:

Accounting in version 9.0

Frédéric Clementi started a document about the Accounting features of Enterprise and Community version. The goal is to define a roadmap for the OCA regarding the accounting developments. It may lead to a code sprint to build a set of community Apps that provide the required set of features for people to work with both the community or the enterprise version.

More info about the comparison:
More info about the Community Financial reports draft specifications:

Migration to version 9.0
We have created a 9.0 branch and made it the default for all OCA projects. This is the best moment to join us and start contributing as there is enough to do for anyone.
There is an issue in each repository called "Migration to version 9.0". If you want to help in a migration, please comment on that issue to track the progress and assignment.
Migration of OCA modules to version 9 has started in some Project Steering Committees. For example:

  • Yannick Vaucher (Camptocamp) is leading the migration of the Swiss localization.
  • Gervais Naoussi (mentored by Savoir-faire Linux) is on the migration of the management systems modules and its dependencies (knowledge modules).
  • The first migrated module is base_location, thanks to Yannick Vaucher (Camptocamp).

New tests with pylint-odoo

Thanks to an excellent work made by Moisés López from Vauxoo, we now have more checks in our Travis CI infrastructure. These checks are performed on each pull requests and commits and they verify several things:

  1. Modules install without problem
  2. Included tests passes
  3. Code style and guidelines are respected

The latest work has been to improve the third point of these checks, giving a lot of more automatic advises (but not forcing them to be applied), and report as problems some recurrent errors that reviewers detect on their reviewing process.

You can also perform these checks locally thanks to the update git pre-commit hook. 
Check instructions on how to use it here:

MRP Workshop

On October 22nd and 23rd, 2015, the MRP Design Workshop was held at Odoo S.A. office in Brussels. Ana and Jordi were there on behalf of the OCA and reported great progress. The new MRP module is planned to be released for testing on March 1st, 2016.

More info:

OCA Representatives

OCA Representatives were granted additional rights to the OCA instance. They are now able to:

  • manage their PSC members and see other PSC

  • write in the monthly newletter to inform other of their work

We are still missing some OCA representatives in some PSC, if you are interested, please contact them on their mailing lists.

Highlighted features

Server tools: Modules prototyper

This module allows the Odoo administrator to prototype new features and export them as a module. Functional people can prepare the job for a developer who is left with the logic to implement in addition to everything the prototype does not export yet. This module is an effort from Savoir-faire Linux.

Web: Bypass readonly write restriction

This one is a very technical module, so stop reading if you're not interested in this topic. An annoying design decision was to discard values from readonly fields when writing changes in a view. This causes that if the values of that fields has been changed via an onchange, these changes will be lost. This module allows to save these fields explicitely allowing for that on the view. This module was also a perfect example of collaboration in the community made by Jonathan Nemry from Acsone and Pierre Verkest from Anybox.

More info:

Project: Recalculate project tasks

One of the pending areas in Odoo's Project Management is the possibility of some automation in planning. Now, thanks to Antonio Espinosa and his team in Antiun Ingeneria, we can have the first steps on this area, having the possibility of automatic recalculation of the dates when you change the project start/end, which in practical means the replanning capacity. This is the first step to other planned tasks in this area, like load/capacity planning, resource allocation, etc. Stay tuned.

More info:

Bank Statement Reconcile: Reconcile easily in bank statements your payment orders

This one comes from Holger Brunn from Therp, who has eased the reconciliation of payment orders when you only get in your bank statements the total amount of the operation, not a detail line by line. With this one, all payment orders will be checked for a coincidence on the total amount, and if it matches, then all the lines are proposed on the reconciliation wizard.

More info:

Contract : Modules for contracts

People from Domatix have been working on improving the contract management and its recurring invoicing features, and the result is some modules that are already merged on the contract repository, and some others that are proposed or in the way to be proposed. Check the description of each of them on the link below.

More info:

Social: See sent emails

In the way to balance Odoo features to a mailing traditional client, Jairot Llopis has developed for Antiun Ingenieria a module that allows to see sent emails in a dedicated section.

More info:

Spanish localization: Improvements

Some improvements and new features have been added to the spanish localization:

  • Automatic creation of the regularization entry in 303 model
  • CSB 19, 32, 34 and 58 payment export format support
  • Several fixes and adjustments

More info:

Product attributes: Supplier info also for customer

From the OdooMRP team, this module has been moved to OCA for allowing to use supplier info model for specifiyng prices by customer at product level, which fits with the way of working in lot of companies, avoiding the complexity of pricelists.

More info:

Stock, Logistics, Warehouse: Assign manually the stock you want

And also from the OdooMRP team, with this module you can selectively choose the stock you want to transfer on delivery and internal transfers.

More info:

Manufacture: Bill of Materials versioning

And the last moved module from the OdooMRP team for now (more coming) is this one, that allows to version Production Bills of Materials.

More info:

E-Commerce: Preview sale cart

One handy utility present on version 9 is the possibility to preview the cart when you move over the cart icon. This feature has been extracted and packed as a module for being used on v8 by Leonardo Donelli (MONK Software).

More info:

Website: Website slides

The module that Odoo has prepared for v9 for sharing presentation, videos and so on has been backported to version 8 thanks to the people of Incaser.

More info:

If you want to highlight your module, please write to and we will mention it in the next release.

Events and local communities

Festival ICT in Milan, Italy on November 11th

It is official, this year, the OCA will participate in the ICT festival in the Arena, the area dedicated to associations, community, users groups, networks of professionals, universities, research centers, and other companies in the ICT world. The date is 11th November, 2015 for the third edition of the ICT festival, at the Fiera Milano Congressi (via Gattamelata, 5), with 5,000 square meters of contents and ICT protagonists (Italian and global).

More info

Open Source Summit in Paris, France from November 18th to 19th

The Paris Open Source Summit, the premier European event centered on the Free & Open Source sector, is the result of the merger of two iconic Open Source events: Linux Solutions and the Open World Forum. The OCA will be part of this great event by having a booth in the association village. 

Sprint in Sorrento, Italy from April 26th to 29th, 2016

The Odoo Sorrento Sprint will take place in Sorrento, Italy from April 26th to 29th, 2016 and is aimed at those who are passionate about Odoo. It is the best way to get in touch with the Odoo community and it is free.

More info

New contributors and PSC


  • Welcome to Frédéric Clementi and Stéphane Bidoul in the PSC, congratulations! 
  • Has now its own mailing list, don't forget to subscribe to

Bosnian and Serbian translations

  • Welcome to Nemanja Dragovic as the OCA coordinator of the Bosnian and Serbian translations.


Human Resources

  • Welcome to David Dufresne, who contributes to payroll modules and their integration with leaves and timesheets modules. Congratulations!
  • Has now its own mailing list, don't forget to subscribe to



  • A new project and repositories have been created under the tools-maintainers PSC responsibility to host a collection of webhook consumer modules for gitlab, bitbucket.

Board Announcements

Become a member

2016 is just 2 months away, but you can already become an OCA member. Just visit our shop and purchase the 2016 OCA Member product for 50 €. For current members, renewal invoices for your membership will be sent by email directly later. No need to pay for your membership now.

Become a Member

Become a sponsor

The OCA Sponsorship Program is the way for organizations to contribute substantially to the ongoing support of the Association. In return, the OCA will provide visibility and officially acknowledge your donation via various methods according to your sponsorship level, including your logo and your URL on the OCA Thanks page, and an official Sponsor logo for your website.

Become a Sponsor

November Board Meeting

  • Based on our recent lecture of the excellent Art of Community book, we have a whole lot of new ideas to help us build a better community and we are preparing internal workshop to improve the OCA. 
  • New pages of docs and howto's are now ready to help new comers to contribute to the OCA. We published a page about the OCA Organization, along with PSC (Project Steering Committees) GuidelinesIn the same line, we started organizing PSC and their mailing lists.
  • The sponsorship page has been revamped to promote the funding of the association.
  • We provided resources to help organize OCA sprints all around the world.
  • Discussions (still ongoing unfortunately) have been held with Odoo SA to backport some of their modules within our OCA repositories.
  • OCA Odoo instance and Github are now linked and the members of every PSC are now fully synchronized in both environments.

Something to add?

If you want to include your content in the next newsletter, or you have found a mistake or inaccuracy, please write to to be taken in consideration for the next issue.