How to get involved and join us !

We do have two membership levels which imply various levels of participation in the Association. Read the FAQs to know more on how to participate. Read the bylaws and if you are would like to become a member you can either send an email to membership AT  or click through below to buy now.

Have a look here to have the current list of members. (To be displayed on this list you need to "opt in" via this survey.)

Join us. Become a member!

Support the mission of the Odoo Community Association for as little as 50 EUR.- per year per person. Subscribe now by purchasing your membership, and do not forget to sign the CLA. The entire membership fee is due for a calendar year, there is no pro-rata temporis. 

Corporate Membership

For 2021 we will now be offering corporate memberships. If this is something your company would like to participate in, please send an email to membership AT odoo-community  DOT org

  • telling us how many employees you would like to partake in the corporate membership

  • names of these employees

The OCA will then send you an invoice for the allocated amount at 50EUR per employee, meaning you will receive just one invoice for your company rather than by the individual. We can also add in 2021 sponsorship at the same time if this is something that interests your company.


There are two categories of individual affiliation with the OCA: Member and Delegate Member.


The first category is called Member. Individuals in this category have the same level of rights to work on the OCA activities as the Participant category, but with the important distinction that these individuals are member of the OCA, since they pay their contributions. By being a member, an individual is “opting in” and publicly acknowledging a connection to the OCA. This membership process also provides the OCA with a known and countable membership base. For example, the Board or various Committees may, from time to time, wish to poll the all Members on some important issues.

Delegate Member

The second category is Delegate Member. Individuals in this category have the same rights as the above Member category, but with two important differences. Firstly, individuals in this category are not self-selected, but rather must be voted into this category by the other Delegate Members. Secondly, individuals in this category have the right to vote in elections for other Delegate Members, and for Board Members of the Association.

Why those two categories ?

These two factors are intended to maintain the integrity of the Association election processes – and by extension the integrity of the Association itself. We use the term “Delegate Member” to explicitly indicate that these members are responsible for upholding the “delegate” of the Association.

Without the Delegate Member category to serve as a basis for the Board election process, it would be technically possible for a group of self-interested Members to “hijack” the Board and hence the Association itself, turning it away from our basic goals and principles.

We emphasize that the only real difference between a Member and a Delegate Member is the right and responsibility to vote at the Association level. It is not our intent to make the Delegate Members out to be some “privileged” class. Furthermore, the only real difference between a Member and a Participant is the self-registration on the Association’s website. All mailing lists, projects, committees, and other Association activities are uniformly open and available to all friends of the Association.