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Re: Additional information regarding how-to review module

Agile Business Group, Alex Comba
- 30/10/2015 10:43:18

On Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 11:23 AM, Joël Grand-Guillaume <> wrote:

I agree, I've rephrased it:

* Two reviewers must approve a merge proposal in order to be able to merge it
* 5 calendar days must be given to be able to merge it
* A MP can be merged in less that 5 calendar days if and only if it is approved
  by 3 reviewers. If you are in a hurry just send a mail at or ask by IRC (FreeNode
  oca, openobject channel).
* At least one of the review above must be from a member of the PSC or having write access on the repository (here one of the OCA core maintainers can do the job:

Thanks Joël,

I take this opportunity to replace MP by PR: