How to Scale Up Implementations in SMB
10/11/22, 9:30 AM - 10/11/22, 10:00 AM (+0200) (30 minutes)

How to Scale Up Implementations in SMB
Gonzalo Ruzafa. +5493416718905

Gonzalo Ruzafa is co-founder and CEO of Adhoc.

He enjoys making the world a better place, by empowering companies with a happy team.

We will present best practices for companies that want to use a faster approach when implementing an Odoo project. Adhoc will explain their implementation process as well as how they built their foundation (Infrastructure, building modules in advance, and training staff). Adhoc has a methodology that is similar to the one Odoo uses for Quickstart, but with some more complexity. They will also provide some tips on topics such as:

- How to select the clients (the ones that fit this strategy)

- Strategy on developments (which developments you might want to avoid)

- Support channels

- Team building, etc.

During this presentation we'll aim to teach/show the audience how to implement fast in SMB.

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