Working offline without leaving Odoo
Location: Track 2 - 10/28/21, 3:50 PM - 10/28/21, 4:30 PM (+0200) (40 minutes)

CTO & Co-owner of Tecnativa Thanks to his extensive experience with ERP since its inception, more than a decade ago, Pedro M. Baeza is president of the Spanish Odoo Association (AEOdoo) and a prominent figure for implanters and Odoo professionals at an international level.

With thousands of hours of expertise in this business management software, the speaker is PSC team leader and his signature appears in the credits of countless Odoo installations thanks to his prolific contribution to the OCA repositories, as well as being CTO & Co-founder at Tecnativa, a company recognized in 2017 as the Best Odoo Contributor worldwide.

Performing tasks in places where Wi-Fi signals do not reach or in circumstances that make it difficult to handle the devices, required an efficient remedy.

Traditional solutions consisted of developing dedicated applications for the native device platforms (Android, iOS, etc.), ensuring those applications were synchronizing with Odoo, and continually maintaining both whenever an update occurs.

Now, thanks to Tecnativa's ‘PWA Cache,’ working directly offline without leaving Odoo is possible! This talk will show PWA Cache's potential and advantages by emulating the sales circuit of a sales rep.