Our First OCA Newsletter for 2022


Our First OCA Newsletter for 2022

Hello OCA members, contributors and open source fans!

Here is our first newsletter of the year. In 2021 we worked hard with the GoodSense team to define a new communication strategy. We decided to launch a newsletter to keep our community informed four times a year. Each newsletter will be structured this way:

  • OCA Update (what's happening in our community)

  • Great Apps at OCA (we have a lot of wonderful apps, let's spread the word)

  • OCA Being Mighty (let's find out how the OCA is a game changer for our customers)

  • Together we are OCA (who's in our community and why)


We are excited to announce that the OCA Days is happening in person for 2022!

After two virtual OCA Days, we need to see each other in real life! The focus of this event will be to "get together", drink beers, share our latest news, talk about what has happened during the last two years and what we want to build together.

So, book your flight/train/car/hotel and let's meet in a few months time!


Happy New Year to our OCA Community!

2022 has started with a bang.

The OCA Board began the year by determining a new strategy in the way we manage our major goals for this year.

Goodbye Runbot, Welcome Runboat

As you may have noticed, a new tool has arrived in the OCA landscape: runboat.

It is a runbot replacement that is specially tailored to OCA needs.  


Advanced Features of the OCA


During OCA Days 2021 Joël Grand Guillaume presented the "must-have" OCA modules to manage a big Odoo project. Let's (re)listen to this insightful talk.


Creu Blanca and the OCA

Creu Blanca is a Spanish healthcare group made up of 5 medical centers, 1 clinic and a hospital close to completion. In 2017 they realised they needed to upgrade their existing ERP system, after careful consideration they found that Odoo and the OCA had what was needed.

What started out as a challenging initial migration to a new system is now a finely tuned tool that with its flexibility and agility keeps the company moving forward in an ever dynamic environment.


Packt Publishing's Interview with Daniel Reis

Daniel Reis, author of the Odoo Development Essentials books shares his process and journey working with Packt Publishing to create an important part of your Odoo toolkit. He talks about the OCA several times in this interesting interview.

Odoo 15 Development Essentials Book

Daniel asked Packt Publishing to provide a promotion code to the OCA community.

Use the "35Daniel" code on the Packt Publishing website to get the discount. Thanks Daniel :)

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Our First OCA Newsletter for 2022
Open for Small Business, Rebecca Gellatly 17 June, 2022
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CreuBlanca and the OCA