Stock Dynamic Routing

Dynamic routing of stock moves

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Stock Dynamic Routing

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Standard Stock Routes explain the steps you want to produce whereas the “Dynamic Routing” defines how operations are grouped according to their final source and destination location.

This allows for example:

  • To parallelize transfers in two locations of a warehouse, splitting them in two different operation type
  • To define pre-picking (wave) in some sub-locations, then roundtrip picking of the sub-location waves

Context for the use cases:

In the warehouse, you have a High-Bay which requires to place goods in a handover when you move goods in or out of it. The High-Bay contains many sub-locations.

A product can be stored either in the High-Bay, either in the Shelving zone.

When picking:

When there is enough stock in the Shelving, you expect the moves to have the usual Pick(Highbay)-Pack-Ship steps. If the good is picked from the High-Bay, you will need an extra operation: Pick(Highbay)-Handover-Pack-Ship.

This is what this feature is doing: on the High-Bay location, you define a "routing rule". A routing rule selects a different operation type for the move. The extra transfer will have the selected operation type, and be added dynamically, on reservation, before the chain of moves.

When putting away:

A put-away rule targets the High-Bay location. An operation Input-Highbay is created. You expect Input-Handover-Highbay.

You can configure a dynamic routing for the put-away on the High-Bay Location. The operation type of the new Handover move will the one of the matching routing rule, and its destination will be the destination of the operation type.

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In Inventory Settings, you must have:

  • Storage Locations
  • Multi-Warehouses
  • Multi-Step Routes

A new menu in Inventory Settings allow to create new routing rules: "Stock Routing".

Create a new routing for a location, then pull or push routing rules. A pull rule is applied on moves with the same source location (or children). A push rule is applied on moves with the same destination location (or children).

Rules can exclude moves based on a domain. The order of the rules is important: the first to match is used.


Try on runbot

  • In Inventory Settings, activate:
    • Storage Locations
    • Multi-Warehouses
    • Multi-Step Routes

The initial setup in the demo data contains locations:

  • WH/Stock/Highbay
  • WH/Stock/Highbay/Bin 1
  • WH/Stock/Highbay/Bin 2
  • WH/Stock/Handover

The "Highbay" location (and children) is configured to:

  • create a pull routing transfer from Highbay to Handover when goods are taken from Highbay (using a new picking type Highbay → Handover)
  • create a push routing transfer from Handover to Highbay when goods are put to Highbay (using a new picking type Handover → Highbay)

Steps to try the Pull Routing Transfer:

  • In the main Warehouse, configure outgoing shipments to "Send goods in output and then deliver (2 steps)"
  • Inventory a product, for instance "[FURN_8999] Three-Seat Sofa", add 50 items in "WH/Stock/Highbay/Bay A/Bin 1", and nowhere else
  • Create a sales order with 5 "[FURN_8999] Three-Seat Sofa", confirm
  • You'll have 3 transfers; a new one has been created dynamically for Highbay -> Handover.

Steps to try the Push Routing Transfer:

  • In the "WH/Stock" location, create a Put-Away Strategy with:
    • "[DESK0004] Customizable Desk (Aluminium, Black)" to location "WH/Stock/Highbay/Bay A/Bin 1"
    • "[E-COM06] Corner Desk Right Sit" to location "WH/Stock/Shelf 1"
  • Create a new purchase order of:
    • 5 "[DESK0004] Customizable Desk (Aluminium, Black)"
    • 5 "[E-COM06] Corner Desk Right Sit"
  • Confirm the purchase
  • You'll have 2 transfers:
    • one to move DESK0004 from Supplier → Handover and E-COM06 from Supplier → Shelf 1
    • one waiting on the other to move DESK0004 from Handover → WH/Stock/Highbay/Bay A/Bin 1 (the final location of the put-away)

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