Account balance reporting engine

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Account balance reporting engine

The module allows the user to create account balance reports and templates, comparing the values of 'accounting concepts' between two fiscal years or a set of fiscal periods.

Accounting concepts values can be calculated as the sum of some account balances, the sum of its children, other account concepts or constant values.

Generated reports are stored as objects on the server, so you can check them anytime later or edit them (to add notes for example) before printing.

The module lets the user add new templates of the reports concepts, and associate them an specific "XML report" (OpenERP RML files for example) with the design used when printing. So it is very easy to add predefined country-specific official reports.

The user interface has been designed to be as much user-friendly as it can be.

Note: It has been designed to meet Spanish/Spain localization needs, but it might be used as a generic accounting report engine.


  1. Go to Invoicing > Configuration > Financial Reports > Financial Reports.
  2. Create or edit one existing template.
  3. Add report lines with formulas to configure your financial report.


  1. Go to Invoicing > Reporting > Spanish Financial Reports > Financial Reports.
  2. Select a reporting template.
  3. Select dates or periods.
  4. Click on Calculate.
  5. See results on "Report lines" tab.
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Known issues / Roadmap

  • Accounts in other currencies are not converted to the company currency.

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