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A Contributor License Agreement (CLA) is strongly recommended when accepting third party contributions to an open development project, such as an open source software project. In order to redistribute contributions, it is necessary to ensure that the project has the necessary rights to do so. A Contributor License Agreement is a lightweight agreement, signed by the copyright holder, that grants the necessary rights for the contribution to be redistributed as part of the project.

Contributor License Agreements also simplify the process of collaborating with partners on projects as they can form part of a broader collaboration agreement. Such agreements define ownership of copyright in works produced in collaboration and, furthermore, they describe any licensing of specific copyright in materials generated by the project.

Who must sign the CLA's?

The OCA wishes that all contributors of ideas, code, or documentation to the OCA's projects complete, sign, and submit (via email) an Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA) PDF form. The purpose of this agreement is to clearly define the terms under which intellectual property has been contributed to the OCA and thereby allows us to defend the project should there be a legal dispute regarding the software at some future time. A signed CLA is required to be on file for every delegate member and before an individual is given commit rights to an OCA project.

For a corporation that has assigned employees to work on an OCA project, an Entity CLA (or Corporate : CCLA) PDF form is available for contributing intellectual property via the corporation, that may have been assigned as part of an employment agreement. Note that an Entity CLA does not remove the need for every developer to sign their own CLA as an individual (ICLA), to cover any of their contributions which are not owned by the corporation signing the Entity CLA (ECLA or CCLA).

How do I proceed?

CLAs may be submitted by emailing a scan of the signed copy or the file digitally signed to cla AT Please do not forget to give us your Github login! Thanks!

The ICLA is not tied to any employer you may have, so it is recommended to use your personal email address in the contact details, rather than your professional one.

Your full name will be published. The email address and other contact details will not be not published.

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 Signing the CLA allows you to use the official OCA Contributor logo on your profile, resume or marketing materials. However, you are not authorized to modify it.

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