Support Users (and answer their questions)

1) Subscribe to the Community Mailing List

Make sure to subscribe to the Odoo Community Maliling List. This is one of the first entry point for new users who have questions and don't know where to ask.

Make sure to point them to the right resources:

2) Create your account on Help

To answer questions from Odoo users, you will need to create your account on Help:

  • Provide your email address

  • Enter your name

  • Pick a password

Check your mailbox for a mail from Odoo to verify your email. Click on the link it contains and that's it, you now have enough karma to ask and answer questions.

3) Read the Guidelines

Before asking or answering questions, make sure to read the guidelines.

By voting for questions and answers, you will gain karma and it will allow you to gain privileges, like filling in your profile for example. Make sure to enter your location and biography as soon as you can.


4) Pick a question

Pick a question in the list available on the home page.

Do your best to answer it as accurately as you can using:

  • links to the official documentation or other references

  • past experiences and solutions

  • OCA modules available on Apps

  • scenario with steps and configuration settings

  • screenshots or screencasts

If you don't know the answer, that's fine, pick another one.

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