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odoo 10 does not find any tests

redCOR AG, Robert Rottermann
- 28/11/2017 08:13:48
Hi there,

I try to add test to a module and do call them like this:

bin/start_openerp  --test-enable -u redhelpdesk --stop-after-init

the file with the tests is loaded, but none of the tests are run.

can anybody give me a hint, what I am doing wrong?

this is the setting:


             from . import test_redhelpdesk
	with the following content:

# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
from odoo.tests.common import TransactionCase

class TestRedhelpdesk(TransactionCase):

     def setUp(self, *args, **kwargs):
         super(TestRedhelpdesk, self).setUp(*args, **kwargs)
         print 'holla*' * 10

     def test_print_rs(self):
         "print a string of rs"
         print 'r' * 66
         self.assertFalse(1, '1 is not false')