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Request for new OCA repo to start working on l10n_thailand

- 03/04/2017 12:35:35
Dear OCA members,

Please advice how to request for a new repo l10n_thailand for Thai Localization.

We have been working with Localization for couple of years, the best we have so far is in our generic repository. Notice on l10n_th_xxx addons -->

What we have now is only in v8. But we plan to start working on it so we have something for v11, should OCA allow.

Here is the road map of what we intend to do as followings,

Thai Process

  1. Split Quotation and Sales Order
  2. PR which no need Supplier name and price then can create many RfQ to many Suppliers
  3. Customer Billing
  4. Customer/Supplier payment - Multi-Payment differences
  5. Customer Cheque clearing (Bank Receipt)
  6. Supplier Cheque Register (Cheque number match with Supplier Payment)
  7. Bank Statement matching with 'Bank Journal' from any documents.

Thai Tax

  1. VAT - Tax detail past 6 months.
  2. Undue VAT: Clear Undue to Due VAT
    • 1 invoice - 1 payment - 1 Tax Invoice Detail
    • 1 invoice - 1 payment - n Tax Invoice Detail
    • n invoices - 1 payment - 1 Tax Invoice Detail
    • n invoices - 1 payment - n Tax Invoice Detail
    • n invoices - 1 payment - n-x Tax Invoice Detail
  3. WHT fix rate
  4. WHT progressive rate
  5. Reports
    • Input VAT report (monthly)
    • Output VAT report (monthly)
    • WHT certificate (monthly)
    • WHT certificate (annual)

Doctype Sequence

  • Base on Document Type, not Journal
  • I.e., Customer Payment and Supplier Payment is different document type, each will have 1 running sequence regardless of selected payment method (journal)

Stock managment

  • Stock bin card
  • Stock movement report with cost (Quantity - Unit Price - Amount) according to inventory policy.

Fixed Assets

  • Fixed Assets tag (number) genearation
  • Fixed Assets Registration

Thai Accounting standard report

  1. General ledger: Able to select by account, many accounts but not all.
  2. Partner reports: Able to select by partner, many partner but not all.
  3. Financial statements same as Multi purpose financial report.

Misc Thai

  • Thai Addresses (master data of District, Township, Province, etc.)
  • Thai holidays
  • Thai Amount to Text

Looking forward to your advise :)
Kitti Upariphutthiphong
M: +66818417480