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Introducing Inventory Cycle Count App

ForgeFlow, S.L., Lois Rilo Antelo
- 03/03/2017 09:44:28
Dear OCA Contributors,

We are introducing a new App to perform cycle counts in inventory. This App will soon be available in OCA repositories and in the Odoo App Store free and open source.

At this moment we are interested to involve industry experts and developers to review the current beta version. In order to facilitate the review, we have scheduled a series of webinars where we will be introducing the new features and we will attend to your questions or/and suggestions.

The registration form is published in the following link:
Please, take into account that these webinars are targeted to OCA members. To become member please visit:

Find the agenda below:

  • The importance of inventory
  • What is Cycle Counting?
  • Why to Cycle Count?
  • How to Cycle Count?

Cycle Counting with Odoo

  • Setting up cycle count rules
  • Warehouse Configuration
  • Planning Cycle Counts
  • Executing Cycle Counts

The Reworked Inventory Adjustments

  • New groups for the Inventory Validation
  • The Inventory Discrepancy
  • Configure the Inventory Discrepancy Thresholds
  • Slot Verification Requests

Final Tips to better manage your Inventory

Questions & Answers

We hope you become interested in the topic, we will be waiting you!


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