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Re: OCA Translation Platform

Twanda AG, Ermin Trevisan
- 16/02/2017 20:25:25

As my mailing list answer was most probably not conveniently formatted, I made a short

Transifex Howto

on Github for all who are interested in it.

On 14.02.2017 14:53, Frederik Kramer wrote:
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Hi Jean-Marc,

well with the Fat Client basically everybody did his own
translation (but you are right, at least in proper context).

And yes i do fully agree on the idea of having context and translation
side by side. This would really help. However, i really think that this
feature requires a continuous integration and build platform alongside
with an international standard on translation plug-in integration (or
at least a best in class integration method). 

Maybe somebody could built and overlay plug-in for Odoo that allows to
do the translation from within the Odoo backend / frontend of a running
instance but storing the result of the translation on the translation
platform. I will briefly discuss that idea with my developers these
days but this seams at least possible but we still need a collaborative
translation platform WITH a properly documented translation API.

So i'd rather add an important selection criteria to the discussion
(i.e. API). What do you think?

Kind regards


Am Dienstag, den 14.02.2017, 13:23 +0000 schrieb Jean-Marc Vandel:
> Hi,
>   Just my 2 cents, from a non-developer perspective: 
> What we really need, is a tool which allows anybody to translate ON
> THE FLY/IN CONTEXT, like we could long time ago with the fat client.
> We get a lot a stupid literal translations, just because they are
> done on a translation web site, not inside the real application.
> You would get a HUGE translator community, if anybody was able to
> propose a better term, while using your software.
> The new tool, if any, should help implement that dream...
>   With all my best regards,
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