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Re: OCA Translation Platform

Martin Trigaux
- 14/02/2017 13:44:29

Odoo S.A. does not meet the Open Source requirements so moving would 
still be pay a subscription (which isn't much different than what we pay 
I agree with Nhomar, paying for a good service isn't a problem IMHO.

The missing part[1] of the comment in parenthesis in my previous email 
was: 'without counting the fact that we will lose people with any 
So even, if we save some money, we need to take into account that we 
will have to build again a new translator community.

Also a few criteria I think lacked in Transifex that may be a better 
reason to move :
- better communication tool between teams
- integration of a proper glossary
- wiki page (e.g. to describe team process)

I agree it is better to be on the same platform and I will pass the word 
around[2] but to be clear, at the moment, we are not really looking for 
a new home for translators.


[2] I am not the decision maker

On 13/02/17 10:54, Frederik Kramer wrote:
> I'd really appreciate a joint move of the OCA and Odoo at that part,
> since that would really sent the right sign from Odoo S.A. to its many
> contributors around the world.
> I don't know who is the principal decision maker at Odoo S.A. for that
> part, but you guys certainly know (Martin, Fabien?).

Martin Trigaux