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Re: github protected branches

ThinkOpen Solutions Portugal, Daniel Reis
- 22/12/2016 07:58:11

Thanks for spotting that.

I checked that, and it look like Administrators can bypass those merge requirements.
So I changed the oca/project repo permissions, so that the "Core Maintainers" now has Admin access, instead of just Write.
Since the both OCA bots are in that Team, they should now be able to perform the merges.

I re-enabled the merge requirements, let's see it if works well this night.



As of recently the addons table generator (which updates and the wheel builder (which adds missing setup directories) started failing with this kind of error:
remote: error: GH006: Protected branch update failed for refs/heads/9.0.        
remote: error: Required status check "continuous-integration/travis-ci" is expected. At least one approved review is required        
 ! [remote rejected] 9.0 -> 9.0 (protected branch hook declined)
error: failed to push some refs to ''
Direct push must be allowed for these tools to function properly, so I deactivated the mandatory travis check protection on OCA/project for now.
Best regards,
Stéphane Bidoul | @SBidoul
Acsone sa/nv | | +32 2 888 3120

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