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Re: OCA v10 Taskforce

- 05/12/2016 23:03:52

Hi All,

Sorry for being a quiet bystander and for hijacking this thread but I thought it may be relevant. We are quite new the the Odoo community and are getting started with our first few projects. We have a potential client with a potential interest in an Odoo 8 to Odoo 10 migration but they are principally using only the CMS platform. Our predecessors appear to have done some quite heavy customisation work on the CMS, creating pages and widgets that are not part of the usual Odoo workflow.

We're yet to get access to take a good look at the existing custom code, but would anyone be able to contribute a few pointers on whether you would expect the Odoo 8 -> 10 upgrade to be a significant project for a customised CMS platform? Are there any specific "gotcha's" that people have previously experienced doing something similar?



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On 12/10/2016 13:23, Sylvain LE GAL wrote:
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Hi Alexis,

Thanks a lot for this initiative.

Ping me if you need review on POS / web / server-tools modules.


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2016-10-12 12:07 GMT+02:00 Rafael Blasco <>:

Dear Alexis, dear all,


As Pedro said, me too.


I’ll be reviewing, if you need something in concrete just ping me with @rafaelbn







De: Alexis de Lattre []
Enviado el: lunes, 10 de octubre de 2016 23:38
Para: Contributors <>
Asunto: OCA v10 Taskforce


Dear OCA friends,

After this great Odoo Experience 2016, I decided that my new customers that will roll-out Odoo in production on January 1st 2017 will run Odoo v10. I have 3 new customers to roll-out on v10 at that date: all of them needs a full accounting + sale/stock/purchase ; one of them also needs pos + donation. I know it's a challenge because it means porting a lot of OCA modules to v10 in a very short time, but v10 seems to be such a good version that I think it's worth the effort and the risks.

So I propose to setup an OCA v10 Taskforce : this taskforce would be a group of experienced OCA developers that have a high motivation to port OCA modules to v10 ASAP with a target on January 1st 2017 or around that date. The members of the taskforce would commit in making PR for Odoo v10 and review each other's PR on v10. The goal is to have good-quality OCA modules that work well on v10 ; the goal is NOT to add new features (unless if one of them is really needed) nor to have pixel-perfect code nor to spend hours working on README.rst. If reviewers ask for pixel-perfect code or additional tests, they will be invited to submit a PR to our PRs ; we cannot make all the work that everybody dreams of for January 1st 2017 and we won't accept reviewers that tend to block PRs by asking more work to the author of the PR instead of making the work himself.

Currently, this taskforce is made of Adrien Peiffer and me, with a great help of Sylvain Garancher (I think he was the first to port an OCA module to v10 !). Any help is welcomed.

I have setup a spreadsheet to coordinate the efforts of the taskforce:

We already have 14 PRs for v10 and 3 are already merged !




Alexis de Lattre

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