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Re: New PSC proposal: web, website, website-cms, event, server-tools, e-commerce

by Jairo Llopis <> - 20/10/2016 10:06:03

2016-10-20 1:22 GMT+02:00 Rafael Blasco <>:

So if you consider it I propose you to “CRM, Sales & Marketing Maintainers” too.

  • OCA/web
  • OCA/website
  • OCA/website-cms
  • OCA/server-tools
  • OCA/e-commerce
  • OCA/partner-contact
  • OCA/event
  • OCA/social

No problem on that, thanks!
About Jairo to be the team leader of the web project too, I think it could be also a good idea. @legalsylvain, @hbrunn,  Jairo would like to know “What does that imply?”, he used to be responsible so after you experience tell him what will be the expectations for him.
I'd be glad, but I indeed want to know what does that mean before.

Jairo Llopis