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Re: Proposal for new workflow, incorporating "Optimistic Merging"

Camptocamp SA, Yannick Payot
- 06/06/2016 17:11:53
About what you propose Lionel,

Having tag on green revision with optimistic merging is risky in our current state. You could wait long before you get green results and thus generate a tag for your module when too optimistics merges have been done in several other modules. At least this would be an issue with large repostories with high activities in several modules. In some of our repositories like OCA/web or OCA/server-tools it seems unthinkable to me.

In other repositories where all modules are completely related it is more likely to work.


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On 6 June 2016 at 12:53, Lionel Sausin <> wrote:
Thanks for this proposal.
You propose a beta branch to work around our lack of dedicated teams to 
actively fix errors but :
- it's not optimistic, we still wait for gatekeepers to merge
- cherry-picking from beta is hell, branches and PRs are the right tool 
for that for.

Instead, I would suggest optimistic merging into the main branch, and 
automatic tagging of the latest "green" commit (travis, coveralls, 
runbot all passing).
This way those who want a production-ready branch can pull the "green" 
tag instead of the HEAD.
Maybe we could complement this with a PSC-driven release process, where 
each team would make deeper tests every so often and tag the branch 

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