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Re: Odoo Issue management

Cody Kitterman
- 25/05/2016 19:24:02
This is where the bot, proposed by Mr.Reis, and the expanded commit message conventions (See: "gitchangelog to odoo and it's modules") would come in handy.

That said:
@rco-odooNew API, framework
@xmo-odooCSV import
@qdp-odooAccounting, Accounting reports
@jco-odooStock, MRP
@gde-odoo, @aab-odooDiscuss, 9.0 Web client, Livechat
@tde-odooMail, Porting modules to new API
@GorashWebsite editor
@jke-odooCRM, website_(sale|forum|blog|...)
@sle-odooQWeb assets, Reports, Mobile apps
@tac-odooAwesome timesheets
@qsm-odooLESS/CSS themes
@KangOlMigrations, OAuth
@dbo-odoo9.0 contracts, website_quotes
@nim-odoo9.0 sales, timesheets, purchase
@apr-odooUsability, on-boarding
...... Feel free to amend...

Cody K

On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 12:08 PM, Moises Lopez <> wrote:
Hi Daniel,

This could be cool to expedite the PRs
I have a pair of basic changes but abandoned:

Small changes since a long time ago but abandoned. 
I add ping to odoo team but I don't have response...

What should be the correct way to expedite them?

2016-05-25 2:53 GMT-05:00 Lorenzo Battistini <>:
On 25 May 2016 at 00:09, Cody Kitterman <> wrote:
Does that mean you want us to look through the issues and, if we should find something, "@dreispt" or "@yenthe666" with a reason why we think it should be closed? ;-)

about who to ping, you can look at this

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