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Re: Odoo Issue management

TAKOBI s.r.l., Lorenzo Battistini.
- 25/05/2016 09:48:31
On 25 May 2016 at 00:38, Daniel Reis <> wrote:
Does that mean you want us to look through the issues and, if we should find something, "@dreispt" or "@yenthe666" with a reason why we think it should be closed? ;-)

Don't get me wrong, but honestly hope not.
The point is not to have two men in the middle between Community and Odoo.
And that role would give me the responsibility/obligation to respond to those pings, wich is something I don't want.

You should ping directly the people from Odoo.
Olivier suggest to look at the relevant git history and ping the last person working on it, or ping a R&D person based on the topic table at

Oops, sorry, Daniel already provided that link :-) 

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