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Re: Odoo Issue management

- 25/05/2016 00:10:45

Daniel, I feel that this is great news, the objective as well as the casting!

I have come across a tool named "codetriage" wich is supposed to help with this objective.

I also very much support your Idea of a bot, there are many out there. Just one example you might or might not know which I feel is doing a good job is docker's GordonTheTurtle.

I can fibally can testify very good experiences with git blame in order to put the correct people in the loop. Well researched and documented issues can get resolved very very quickly (within days) if one gets this communication shortcut straight.

Best Regards, David

Daniel Reis <> schrieb am Di., 24. Mai 2016 um 17:53:

Thank you Frederik, you're being kind.
While I have quite some experience with the framework, the fact is that I don't have deep knowledge on important functional areas, such as accounting and logisticts.
I'm also struggling with time, and I already have a responsibility for the OCA projects I'm active with, so they need to come first.

I believe that this ought to be a community effort, and we need a few dozen people with this hability, in order for it to provide results.
So I really hope that other seasoned Odoo contributors are invited.

I still think that the best solution would be to deploy a bot to tag/close Issues based on comments from selected people.
But that's not the current choice, so let's see how this works.


Citando Frederik Kramer <>:

Hi Daniel, 

to be honest i see that perfectly in line with what i have received
during the meeting last week in Bruxelles. I think that time is changing
and finally the community gets what it deserves. I -though certainly
just speaking of myself- could not imagine somebody better then you
taking that role. So 

definitely +1 from my side

even if i might not be eligable to vote here ;-)



Am Dienstag, den 24.05.2016, 21:38 +0000 schrieb Daniel Reis:
> Hi all,
> I would like to share this:
> Olivier Dony invited me and Yenthe Van Ginneken to aid in Odoo bug management.
> The point is to tag or close Issues and PRs.
> This requires us to be given write access to the Odoo repo, but  
> committing/merging PRs is off limits.
> Personally, it's flattering the token of trust.
> For the community, it is a bold first step to try to improve the  
> current situation.
> And that's how we should see it - an experimental first step.
> Of course two people alone can't but scratch the surface of the issue backlog.
> Additionally, tracking Odoo issues is not a priority for me, so my  
> intervention there should be quite opportunistic.
> Olivier is aware about this, but still finds the experiment worth doing.
> It is a positive step, and I hope they quickly extend this to other  
> community members.
> Best regards
> Daniel Reis
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