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Re: Odoo Issue management

ThinkOpen Solutions Portugal, Daniel Reis
- 24/05/2016 22:33:56
Does that mean you want us to look through the issues and, if we should find something, "@dreispt" or "@yenthe666" with a reason why we think it should be closed? ;-)

Don't get me wrong, but honestly hope not.
The point is not to have two men in the middle between Community and Odoo.
And that role would give me the responsibility/obligation to respond to those pings, wich is something I don't want.

You should ping directly the people from Odoo.
Olivier suggest to look at the relevant git history and ping the last person working on it, or ping a R&D person based on the topic table at



Citando Cody Kitterman <>:

Cody Kitterman

On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 5:37 PM, Daniel Reis <> wrote:
Hi all,

I would like to share this:

Olivier Dony invited me and Yenthe Van Ginneken to aid in Odoo bug management.
The point is to tag or close Issues and PRs.
This requires us to be given write access to the Odoo repo, but  
committing/merging PRs is off limits.

Personally, it's flattering the token of trust.
For the community, it is a bold first step to try to improve the  
current situation.

And that's how we should see it - an experimental first step.
Of course two people alone can't but scratch the surface of the issue backlog.
Additionally, tracking Odoo issues is not a priority for me, so my  
intervention there should be quite opportunistic.
Olivier is aware about this, but still finds the experiment worth doing.

It is a positive step, and I hope they quickly extend this to other  
community members.

Best regards
Daniel Reis

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