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Re: 9.0 Community User Interface

- 24/11/2015 16:41:42

Hello Nhomar,

I'm not telling you are wrong either...
Just answering about the "if we all sell the Enterprise thing..." point. Also may be it could have been different in the past but the world is what it is, not exactly the care bears when you consider the ERP field and certainly that is not us who opened the doors wide to the sharks...

But I know you will have this detox and end up on that OCA side :-p

Just one thing. You said:
"You can not say that is better do what you do (mantain secret technology just because it gives you "competitive advantage")"

It's not secret it's on Github and in my Twitter. FYI Akretion will invest quite a bit in improving that Rails/Locomotive stack in the coming months. And that will be open source too...



On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 1:23 PM, Nhomar Hernandez <> wrote:

On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 9:38 AM, Raphaël Valyi <> wrote:
Akretion is probably among the top 15 worldwide partners who sold the most Enterprise contracts in value to Odoo SA these last 6 years. Still what is the long term benefit of that? Nearly nothing. Since 2011 they made it clear that if you decrease the money stream just a little bit they will try to screw you make us loose R&D investment worth hundreds of USD to illude themselves with companies that never last more than 1 year on this market and bringing them only a fraction of such investment... It became a sick addiction for little real service and added value... Today the system is sick...


You know we also comply with such description, If one localization is Ugly ans NO profitable is the Venezuela's Once.... (It is as complx as Brazilian one but NO dollars to ask for it is all country with the biggest example of bad-socialism in the world).

Then said that:

You are right, even I can say Andrea is right, but you can not say I am wrong, absolutly.

You can not say that is better do what you do (mantain secret technology just because it gives you "competitive advantage") or as tryton people does "Mantain 10 years the same technology, re-write is bad".

Then I am not saying you two are wrong, but you need to accept that IF 100% of partners would worked with Odoo as you and US (and take other few examples) we should be in other position today.

Even if you ar right "AND PLEASE READ WELL I M NOT AGAINST YOUR POINTS", you must accept that like us only 10 or maximun 15 partner aroung the world worked in the same way technically and maximiun 20 or 30 economically.... "Hell, that's not enought!!!!"

Think and sell the idea the 30 good samaritans and the X integration with Y technilogy with no-support services around, can manage the E-COmmerce of a multibillion e-commerce company....

Even I we decided Locomotive, achieve the deal I mentioned should take exactly the same effort... It is just the platform and the technology, everybody knows with the correct project management you can convert the ugliest framework in the best "whatever".....

My point here is that Being "against " Odoo SA because we do not agree with the commercial strategy and put every single bug a "TAG" of "This is because the enterprise"... REALLY do not help.

I think and repeat again...

IMAGINE: 1000 Community members paying "no-complains" just because the tool exists, and asking for features and Odoo's / Creators services, creating not just a "COmmunitary" healthy environment even a "commercial" healthy environment.... "How it should be?"...... May be OCA is that place, or not, may be help a business model grows up is better.... or not.... I do not know honestly....

In read carefully, I do not like the increase of price, I am agreed technically we can have a lot of issues, and I do beleive we lost from time to time a lot with odoo SA changes you raph ara right (we talked a lot privatelly about that).... BUt you can not say 100% of gulty is because "the stupid Fabien and the Evil Odoo SA", you and me know that the fact of the increasing number of Leechers which come here asking for ALL with even invest 1 dollar on a training with Odoo SA (or put here whatever creator on community) make damage also.... and Customers which use odoo since 2, 3, 4, X years, and when you ask fo 1000 dollars they say "Why, isn't that free=?" when they saved thousands or millions on profit just because they choose the right tool, when you read people complaining about one change between versions with even try to pay 1 dollar to the right person is not part of the problem?.

Even yourself are living the "leecher" issue in brazil where people took your work and put a rename on all of it and resell it.

Whts the difference here between them and you in terms of arguments?

I mean.... Not only 1 person/group has made mitakes here... that's my point.

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