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[ADD] sale_packaging_price: New module to assign a package price

Moduon Team, S. L., Rafael Blasco (Moduon)
- 14/11/2015 05:58:20

Hi all,


Maybe this is a functional question but we are developing a package Price for OCA and we could be better.


Odoo, what I have, what I want, what we must develop:


-          We have a product “Bottle Coca cola 33cl”

-          We buy 1 unit (package) of 100 bottles of “Bottle Coca cola 33cl”

-          We pay for this package a price, the price if for the product “Bottle Coca cola 33cl”, 1 bottle 0.50€ then 50€ for the package

-          We want to have in stock 100 “Bottle Coca cola 33cl”

-          We sell this “Bottle Coca cola 33cl” in the different packages: 2 bottles, 4 bottles and 6 bottles.

-          We don’t want to have any production process as supplier make this for us.

-          We want to set the price of each package: 2 bottles 2€, 4 bottles 3.5€, 6 bottles 4.5€

-          When selling we want to sell 1 or more packages of 2 bottles, 1 or more packages of 4 bottles, 1 or more packages of 6 bottles.

-          After selling for example 1 package of 2 bottles, stock must reduce 2 bottles (obviously) so we have 98 bottles in stock.


Any suggestions? We are working here:


I guess Odoo or OCA already make something similar but we don’t know how.


Thanks in advance