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Re: Confusion about branch 9.0 in github

Elico Corp, Eric Caudal
- 14/11/2015 05:16:24
Actually I see it extremely complex to maintain unported modules in v9 branch and I suggest to maintain only the list of the v8 modules in the readme file.

Current info/modules in v9 are misleading and useless (anyway developers have to come back to v8 branch when the migration starts)

When a module is to be ported, the developer commits properly from v8 to his branch and then to v9 repos.

Eric Caudal from my mobile device

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From: Andreas Becker <>
Date: 2015/11/14 11:38 (GMT+08:00)
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Subject: Re: Confusion about branch 9.0 in github

why not making at least a blank v 9.0 repos like Eric Caudal suggested which is read only and where you put all working modules in and update them on a daily base (could be done by a script). The same actually could be done with modules which are in progress. Set up a repos for those - set it to read only but than everybody would have a very easy way to view in one single view what is already ported, what is in progress (where still work is going on and perhaps help is needed) and those modules which are in the actual working branch where everybody could help activley.

Opening all readme docs and reading and closing and reading and probably checking again with the wiki page is insane - sorry.

One view - nice folder structure and you see what can be used already and what needs work.

Have a nice weekend.

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On Sat, Nov 14, 2015 at 6:08 AM, Daniel Reis <> wrote:

<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
Have the README be clear and all should be ok.  
I do think the  GITHUB WIKI for Each Repo would be helpful for bringing the ecosystem together a little bit more and allow going beyond the brevity of a normal Readme file.

Hi Landis,

We all wish that the people who wrote the code could also find the time and skill to write better docs and marketing material.
Please go ahead and contribute with the improved docs: it's in your power.

To get a better grip on the community workflows, I suggest also to participate in code reviews and submitting PRs.
I remind all people reading this that anyone can contribute, not only by submitting code, but also with documentation, code reviews, functional tests on PRs, or even simple Transifex translations.

Sorry all for replying to an off topic comment, but I felt the need for this invitation to participate.
Please go on with th 9.0 unported modules discussion.


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