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Re: Confusion about branch 9.0 in github

Open Source Integrators, Daniel Reis
- 13/11/2015 07:49:08
As a coincidence, yesterday I was doing some writing about v9 and came 
to the conclusion that it would be best to skip OCA 9.0 repos, since I 
found confusing to explain the existing yet disabled modules.

In fact fact in the previous discussion we had to weight a clean Git 
history versus clarity on the ported modules.
The final decision favoured Git history, and tried to minimized the 
visibility issue with a table with the unported modules.

With the current situation, usability comes second to an easier 
retrieval of the change history.
And the current solution still has the problem we found with the 
__unported__  directory:
if the 8.0 evolved in the meanwhile, people porting to 9.0 the diabled 
code in 9.0 will miss thos changes.
They will need to notice that and use some git hacks to get the missing 
changesets, but that's about the same work you need to git extract a 
module from 8.0 to 9.0 if 9.0 branches started out clean.

I do think it's not a waste of time to reevaluate these options now, so 
I welcome this discussion.
I stand on my position on that discussion, and still think that the best 
option is to delete de unported modules from the 9.0 branch.