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Camptocamp SA, Joël Grand Guillaume
- 15/10/2015 07:41:06
Dear community,

Those past months were spent to define more about the OCA organization and their related PCS (Project Steering Committee). It appears that some of you wants to contribute to the OCA but don't know how, or have difficulties to understand how the OCA works.

That is really something that matter to me and all the board. Here is a first page to explain better about our organization:

You can also access now to a PCS Guide that explain what is expected from a PCS and his OCA representative:

If you're interested to join any of our PCS, please write us, explaining your contributions, to

If you're new to the OCA and Odoo Community world you can start contributing (no need to be PCC's member nor association's member). First thing to do would be to subscribe to the and read the Contribute page.

We'll work more on improving the way people understand how OCA works and how to contribute, making our members and contributors more involved in the OCA way in the coming months. More news soon.

Best regards,




Joël Grand-Guillaume
Division Manager
Business Solutions

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